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Legendary Coach Craig Bellamy
Crown Resorts Ambassador

Craig Bellamy is a unique leader in Australian sport. His incredible success at the helm of the Melbourne Storm has transformed the Club into the most successful franchise in Australian sport. His appetite for success is underpinned by a coaching style built on discipline, pride and accountability. For his part, leadership is about simple instruction and consistent performance.

2018 will mark his 16th season in charge of the Melbourne Storm. His influence at the Club continues to deliver benefits well beyond the scope of his coaching appointment.

Craig Bellamy has created a high-performance culture at the Melbourne Storm that rivals the best Clubs of any code around the world. He has triumphed in good times and in adversity, leading his Club and his team and maintaining unity of purpose when events could have contrived to bring them all down. He has led teams to win competitions when they were expected, and also when they were consigned to long odds to do so. He has made good players into better players, constantly encouraging them to improve their performance. His ability to impact players and to shape them into competition beaters is a major part of his legacy. Current and former players collectively describe the same ‘firm but fair’ mentor who stands equally as comfortably with his juxtaposition, the ever-caring father-figure.


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